Suffragette Cinema

a feminist look at films and the media surrounding them


Hello! I’m Alexis, or if you’re my mother or in my family, Alexis Tripp (Tripp is my grandmothers last name and now both mine and my mother’s middle name, kind of cool, huh?). I’m a college student studying social work with a dual minor in ethnic studies and gender studies, as well as a member of Kappa Delta sorority, treasurer of Students United for Reproductive Justice, and an advocate for a sexual assault hotline. In other words, I don’t get much sleep!

I became interested in writing a movie blog that especially looks at the way race, gender, sexuality, and other identities show up after taking a class my freshman year of college called ‘Gender Based Violence in a US Context.’ The material helped open my eyes to the many subtle, or not so subtle, ways many forms of media degrade, stereotype, or shut down many members of subordinated identities on a regular basis. Taking that class allowed me to recognize issues I had previously not been conscious of, and mostly, created a (sometimes albeit annoying) voice in my head that has changed the ways I watch television and movies altogether. It made me think about how prominent gender roles are in the media, the lack of racial diversity, and the prevalence of rape culture and stereotypes, to name a few.  (Though sometimes, like with everything, I have to shut the voice down, take off my feminist glasses, and enjoy a good RomCom. It’s all about balance.)

This blog is my way of fleshing out what that little voice is commenting on, to look at what messages popular movies are portraying when it comes to gender roles and violence, what they define as the normal, and most importantly, what that all means to us and how it shows up in our day-to-day lives.