Suffragette Cinema

a feminist look at films and the media surrounding them

Femi- what

The Big “F”

I think that feminism has an unfortunate connotation to it that often drives people away. I have heard it said that feminism are extreme, that they are angry, all lesbians, hairy, man- hating, bra- burning, and overall, crazy. While like in any group, there are people who identify as a feminist who share these characteristics- I am guilty of a few myself. However, as a larger movement, the feminism movement is something that I believe everyone can benefit from.


To me, feminism is all about making sure that women are treated equally as men. That’s a simple definition and other forms of feminism may branch off of that, however, that is a basic idea of what I find feminism to be. It means wage equality, access to education, being visible in the media in a productive way, safety, health care, to name a few.


A Feminist Lens

When starting this blog, I wanted to carry through a ‘feminist lens’ while interpreting various movies that had come out within the past year. By this, I really mean that I want to take the ideals of feminism and apply it to different groups of people who are in similarly subordinated groups.

A part of feminism is the breakdown of patriarchy, a system dominated predominantly by those who are white, cis-gendered, able- bodied, straight, middle class, and male. (I want to be clear, being one or many of these identities does not make you a bad person- I myself fall into many of them. Having these identities however, grants me access to opportunities that I might not have deserved.)



Because of this, a feminist lens encompasses the examination of multiple subordinated groups. I do not think you can pick and choose what to focus on nor can you remove a discussion of gender from a discussion of race from a discussion about class. As stated by Audre Lorde, “there is no such thing as a single- issue struggle because we do not live single- issue lives.”




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