Suffragette Cinema

a feminist look at films and the media surrounding them


Hello! And welcome to my blog, Suffragette Cinema! My name is Alexis, and you can grab some more information about me and where the idea for this blog came from right here in the about page, if you are so interested!

For this blog, I want to take a critical look at movies that are fairly new and popular and to deconstruct the messages they are sending out to today’s society. And, from there, I want to look at the impact the media can play in its response to these films.

Overall, I want to become more aware of what exactly I am consuming, and to dig deeper within myself to understand what exactly it all means and the messages being sent out!

At the end of my movie posts, I will comment on categories such as those listed below:

  • race and ethnicity
  • socioeconomic status/class
  • LGBTQ+
  • gender

Depending on the film, some categories will be highlighted more than others, and still more may be added as time goes on. Many of these categories will overlap, as you cannot talk about gender without talking about race, and so forth.

So now, I welcome you to explore my blog and join me on my journey as I examine myself, the movie industry, and unpack a world full of privilege. Deep breath in and lets go!